Hall 6

Stand H24

LUKAS was the pioneer in the development of electro-hydraulic rescue tools set and continues to be at the forefront of this technology since 2010. Our products are saving lives around the world.

Quality ”Made in Germany“, high precision and passion for our customers – this is what makes LUKAS so unique in the world. Our focuses are innovations and steady development of the rescue tools for tomorrow. LUKAS eDRAULIC offers more mobility, flexibility and provides a wider range of applications. The lack of cumbersome hoses reduces the risk of stumbling at the side of the rescue operation. eDraulic rescue tools ensure mobility even on steep terrain and in narrow spaces. They are compact with more performance and faster deployment.

LUKAS has improved its cutter geometry to perfection in the last years. Cutter blades are pulling the material straightly into the right cutting position like an embrace. The blades are long lasting and resharpenable and surely suitable for future generations of vehicles. Our high-performance rescue battery is specially developed for rescue operations. It can be changed quickly and absolutely easily, as well in the dark thanks to an illuminated battery compartment.

For more information please visit: www.lukas.com