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Stand H12

New outdoor GPS LOCATION, In-Command® Full ViewᶲGPS is an All-in-One Stand-Alone NFPA Wireless Emergency Signaling and Firefighter Accountability System using outdoor GPS of the firefighter.

Used in Wildland and Search and Rescue SAR operations, GPS LOCATION is a feature offered in TFx5ᶲ GPS. TFx 5ᶲ GPS is the ultimate wireless accountability tool, worn by the firefighter to transmit MAYDAY signals and receive EVAC and ROLL CALL commands. In addition to firefighter accountability, TFx 5ᶲ GPS is used as a primary NFPA compliant stand-alone DSU/PASS. Firefighter accountability is no longer just for the IDLH environment, protect your firefighter in every environment and at all times.

In-Command® is the ultimate tool in Firefighter Automated Accountability

  • Locate a firefighter using outdoor GPS
  • No more interrupting fire ground operations for a voice radio ROLL CALL
  • No more chaos caused by poor radio audio quality and muffled voices
  • Immediately identify who is calling a MAYDAY
  • Immediately identify who has acknowledged the EVAC command
  • Automated electronic ROLL and PAR CALL
  • Stand-Alone Wireless DSU/PASS used at ANY incident by EVERY firefighter AT ALL TIMES

For more information please visit: www.graceindustries.com