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FSL FIRETEC SYSTEMS Ltd www.firetec-systems.com (United Kingdom) brings a fresh outlook to the marketplace to make life easier for customers we position ourselves as an independent option for trade organisations seeking gaseous suppression systems and aim to set itself apart from competitors by providing a flexible, personal service and a higher level of customer care.

FSL aims to create the world’s first Active Fire Protection business around sustainable technologies, gaining global recognition for dynamism, innovation and customer focus.

FSL moves away from traditionally sourced options to new integrated application-driven solutions, focusing on dynamic web-based support packages. By empowering our team to take ownership to ensure communication with each other, our customers and stakeholders FSL are able to deliver quality product and service to our worldwide customers, to help protect sensitive data.

FSL has provided protection to several different data centres using our Inertech Pressure Controlled system and our Novtech 25/42 bar using the genuine 3M – Novec 1230 system.


For more information please visit: www.firetec-systems.com